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Our Suppliers - Over the years we have selected various institutions to use as our suppliers based on the best service, quality and warranties available in the industry. Consistently we have selected the best cabinetry, counter and flooring suppliers to fulfill any customers' needs and likes. Our craftsmanship is # 1 and we only work with top quality materials. No matter what style of kitchen or bathroom you desire, Liv-Art in Ottawa offers the best quality at a reasonable price


Milmonde Inc. Thermoform Premoule Thermovision Purewood Inc. Laval Kitchens

Windows, doors, glass & mirrors

Mirror works Valley Siding Comfort King Northern Art Glass Stained Glass Stuff Roberge


Boone Mondeau Preston Hardware West end plumbing Electrical, Plumbing Noble plumbing
Sinks, faucets, bath tubs, showers & accessories Blanco Canada Kindred Delta Faucet American Standard Moen Grohe America
Novanni Toto USA Maax Alcove Mirolin Kohler
Others Fans Heated floors Air King Insulation Marchand electic Juno lighting
Hardware& Supplies Richelieu Hafele Lee Valley Inc. Blum Canada Grass Hinges Inc. Prosol
Counter tops East top counters The Granite Pro Mountain Granite Ridalco Urban Quarry   
Flooring Euro Ceramics Ceratec tiles   Centura Emerald tiles Dynasty Flooring Olympia tile
Continental Flooring Canada Cork flooring Duracusion Schluter System Allied Flooring

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