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Established in 1997, Liv-Art designs is a family owned and operated business with one design center conveniently located just outside Kanata into relaxing surroundings to serve the customers, on a stress free environment and excellent artistic conditions.

Right from the beginning the company aimed to be one of the best in the industry of designing and decorating, kitchens, bathrooms, and home interiors. 

The quality of work and dedication to the customers remained a constant with our projects. We have grown over the past decade and will continue forward for many years to come.

Today we continue with the tradition of proactive pricing policies, superior service, and a track history of satisfied customers.

The owner has a European background with years of experience as a multi media artist, designer and decorator with an excellent eye for class & style. The family traveled extensively around the globe for more than 20 years. This allowed the owner to gain a unique view of decorating around the world that would be applied here in Canada. 

The artistic background combined with his practical skills positioned the owner in the best situation to create designs with most efficient use of space, agronomic designs, yet elegant and stylish for the most used areas in your home.


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